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Friday, June 20, 2014


Roof Design - Framing Consulting
Architects: I may be able to help resolve some design issues you are struggling with by offering a second opinion or presenting some new options. I can also give my opinion on the degree of difficulty a builder may have with a particular design and how it might be simplified.
Builders: I can calculate a job's tall wall and rake wall heights, develop a roof rafter cut list and/or design a stacking system progression. If needed, I can come on site to help direct your crew with a difficult project including helping cut the roof rafters, guiding the stacking process or building tricky stairways.  I speak Spanish if required.
Anybody: I am available to teach workshops/classes, give seminars or tutor privately on roof framing.

Roof framing seminars or private tutoring
I am available to teach workshops/classes, give seminars or tutor privately on roof framing.

Production Roof Rafter Cutting Service
If you will be building a "cut & stack" housing tract (as opposed to installing roof trusses) and are looking for a roof cutter - contact us. We have the tools and techniques to help you save time and money.

Tree House Design & Construction
If you have the dream to build a place up in the trees for the kids, a deck amongst the branches to enjoy a special view and observe wildlife or a simple hideaway where one can escape the hustle bustle to meditate in silence.
Contact us, we would enjoy working with you to fulfill that dream. Click HERE for a fun video of  a sample job.

 Contact Will Holladay at whframingconsultant@gmail.com

Satisfied customer                                                 

Hello Will,

The pool pavilion interior finishes are on hold pending spring weather.  I'll tell you more later with pictures.  We absolutely could not have done the complicated roof framing without your direction and detailed information.

I'll be sending you drawings for a substantial project in the future.  I hope you'll
be interested in working out the roof framing details.

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Norristown, PA