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Sunday, June 14, 2020



ROOF  FRAMING for the PROFESSIONAL video series


Part 1 – The Essentials  (3 disk DVD set) 6 hrs.  $50

This set covers those roof situations where a framer can expect to spend over 90% of his career.  Click  HERE to view "The Essentials" video trailer.  Purchase it NOW (click on NOW)


Part 2 – Advanced Topics  (3 disc DVD set) 4.6 hrs.  $50

This set covers those tough roof situations that require a good amount of practice and patience to master.  Click HERE  to view the "Advanced Topics" video trailer.  Purchase it NOW (click on NOW)


If you are looking for slick, high quality, professionally produced roof framing videos, these DVDs are not for you.  If you are a "dyed in the wool" steel square guy, these DVDs are not for you.  If you are looking for some magical method that will convert you into an expert roof framer overnight without any hard work or concentration, these DVDs are not for you.  But, if you ever wanted to sit down and learn from one of the industries most respected roof framing specialists, here is your chance. 

   In 2012, while Will Holladay taught a 2 week long roof framing clinic, we used a small video camera to record his classroom sessions and the “hands on” mockup demonstrations.  Afterwards, his presentations were condensed down to 11 hrs. of instruction and fitted into two separate DVD sets so that anyone interested could benefit from the same material.  The sound may not be the best and some may not like the fish eye lens but the material is terrific.  If you overlook these two small items you will be more than pleased.

   If any college ever wanted to offer a semester long professional roof framing course, Will’s presentation would make a great curriculum.  It is an in-depth training program of theory, application, and assembly that sequentially progresses in difficulty.   Each DVD builds on the previous.   The first DVD starts out gentle so you will have a chance to get used to his terminology and methodology but after 15 minutes he really starts pressing on the accelerator and it never slows down.  Click on the following links to see various samples from "The Essentials"

Why don't my rafters fit?  Common roof framing errors
Stacking a Gable roof 

Should rafters always line up across a ridge, hip, or valley  
Stacking a Regular Hip roof

Why don't my Hip rafters fit?  What did I do wrong?
Stacking a Dutch Hip roof

   Will does use the Construction Master Pro calculator throughout (click name for link), so it is highly recommended that you have one of these handy to be able to follow the calculations.  The videos are fast paced so keep your computer mouse or DVD player control in hand to rewind as required.

   European/other viewers:  These videos are formatted in NTSC which is standard for USA DVD players.  This format will work on PAL (non-USA) formatted DVD players as well.  These videos can also be viewed on any computer.

   Special thanks to Dave Eister, Ron McKee, Chuck Cline and Calculated Industries for their help in production. 

Customer comments:

Hey Will, I just received both Part 1 and Part 2 of your  Roof Framing for the Professional DVD series.  I had them forwarded to me overseas in Norway.  I  wanted to say that while I haven't been able to watch all of them yet,  I am more that satisfied.  I think you did a excellent job on everything.  They are much better than how you described them.  I would give them a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Anyway, thanks again for making them. 
Ray Scholz

Just a quick note to say I’m working my way through Part 1 and am getting a lot out of it.  Thanks again for taking the time to put the videos together—great seeing "A Roof Cutter's Secrets" in action.

Rob Petito 
Greenwright Inc.
Philadelphia, PA