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Thursday, June 18, 2020

BOOKS & VIDEOS by Will Holladay

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Readers comments:

RCS is definitely the best book I have come across for roof framing.

If it weren’t for your book, DVD and your personal help, I would not have been able to do it. I am not a carpenter so this is my first roof, but I have read and watched a lot of your materials. I have a stack of roof framing books and courses. Yours is the only useful information. Thanks for a good product!

I’ve read tons and tons of books on framing and construction, and A Roof Cutters Secrets was definitely one of the most helpful.


 A Roof Cutter's Secrets to framing the custom home 
(2014)    Review


 From the Top Plates Up - A Production Roof Framer's Journey (2018)    Review   Review   Review


The Complicated Roof - A Cut and Stack Workbook (2009)

 The Carpenter Patriot (2018)

  Videos by Will Holladay:

A Roof Cutter's Secrets DVD (JLC Live)

Additional info on the Roof Framing for the Professional DVD sets including links to sample material, can also be found in a follow-up blog. 

Roof Framing for the Professional - Part 1: The Essentials (3 disk series)    Review

Roof Framing for the Professional- Part 2: Advanced Topics (3 disk series)    Review

Rafting the "BIG DROPS" of the Grand Canyon

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